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Your career shouldn’t be taxing, and in South Dakota, it won’t be. Residents get to live high-quality lifestyles without having to pay income tax. That’s one of the many reasons why we’re one of the best states for overall well-being, happiness and quality of life.
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The sprawling state has one of the largest concentrations of outdoor parks, iconic landmarks and rich history to explore. With ample entertainment and activities to enjoy on the 3,000+ miles of shoreline, South Dakota is an unbeatable place to call home.
South Dakota gets an average of 213 sunny days per year
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South Dakota has no personal income tax
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South Dakota has a 1.9% unemployment rate, far below the national average

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Farm workers are the backbone of the American food system, and a vital pillar of the American economy.

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Cultural, Scenic, Active
Discover the area’s Native American heritage, explore immersive art galleries or visit the many museums. The West Region also features majestic views, which are best experienced traveling between hot springs, caves and national parks.
Central Region
Go with the Flow
Relaxation flows through Central South Dakota, along 440 miles of waterways–perfect for kayaking, sailing and boating. Between the ample hunting and fishing spots, Lewis and Clark Trail and National Guard Museum there’s something for historians and outdoor sportsmen to enjoy.
Northeast Region
Refreshing Fun for All Ages
The Northeast is a dream for camping enthusiasts, families and beer fanatics. Exciting seasonal events, historic homesteads and scores of great spaces to camp and hike are hallmarks of this region.
Southeast Region
Energized, Cultural, Lively
Experience the bustling cities, arts and culture scene, excellent wineries and breweries in Southeast South Dakota. The region offers a variety of zoos, museums, parks and quiet countryside to escape to.
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Freedom Works Here is an original series where we unlock the doors to real stories, real opportunities, and real freedom in South Dakota. Through insightful documentaries, you’ll get to know the incredible companies and individuals who call this vibrant state home.
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